Talk to Listen

It’s hard to talk to a child who never stops talking.  Please stop talking until your toast is toasted.

OK! How many minutes?


One two three….sixty, ONE MINUTE.  One two three….sixty, TWO MINUTES…….FIVE MINUTES!  DING!  IT’s Done!  I did it!

The morning routine often leaves me banging my head against a wall repeatedly encouraging breakfast chewing, teeth brushing, sunscreen smearing, dog harnessing, backpack retrieving and for God Sake’s put your mf shoes on your feet!

Why are you so mad?  I’m gonna do it.

My favorite ad slogan of all time, JUST DO IT!  #NOW!

It’s also hard not to listen to a child who talks all the time.  Often because you’re trapped in a car or the bathroom with the yammering joy of chattering little teeth.  When I slow down, the banter that comes out of my child’s mouth could be medicinal.  All the world should hope to be as optimistic, enthusiastic, and loving as a child.  Were we all this way?  I don’t think so.  What makes a human so inherently happy…..and social….and vocal….all the time?

Have a great day.  I WILL!

(To the man in drag) I love your house and your hair!

You’re the best mommy ever, and I’m the best boy ever!

I’m so cute.

I absolutely LOVE this salad!  It’s the best salad ever!  I just don’t like….(moves every single piece of salad to the opposite side of the plate.)

OH!  A corvette!  That’s a pinto.  It’s LOOKS so cool!  It’s cool!  Rrrrrrrrrrrrrooooom.

I love candy.  I have a lot.  Do you want some?  No thank you.  Grrrrreeat, I’ll eat your share.

Kick the ball to me!  I’m a fat rapper!  (Totally don’t get that one.)

I like to run or ride to get my high, my kid just wakes up high.  So, I’m listening a lot more to all the little dribbles purging from his mouth.  There must be wisdom there and if not, it will at least make you laugh.

Betsy's portraits of Lachlan and Isla Fall 2014 9

*photo by Elizabeth Peace

SBRS Winter Session: Sign Ups Open

2013-09-22 She Is Beautiful 10K 007Santa Barbara Running Strong is a 70 MINUTE mat Pilates class designed to develop and strengthen the core and stabilizing muscles that a runner requires in order to support an efficient stride all the while helping to prevent injuries. SBRS is held weekly on Friday mornings from 6am-7:10am at the downtown Santa Barbara Running Company on Anacapa Street. Participants will need to bring their own mat to class.


To reserve your spot contact:


November 7th all the way through January 30th with NO CLASS on 11/28, 12/26 & 1/2

Hair, Century & Fox

No, it’s not a new law firm.  It’s gonna be a recap.  I have been having FUN lately.  It’s like I’m stuck in a permanent snow globe of summer.  New day, shake it up.  Sunshine and feeling good.  Don’t smash my bubble.  Please.

2000-01-01 Oiselle Race and EGO 024

That’s my little warrior who loves to collect monster tails and experiment with her hair.  Quietly she sheared herself to the scalp inverted mohawk glamorous.  She is clipping comb overs and kicking sad eyes upward, “Mom, hack your hair to look like mine.”

I thought about this.  She’s seven and gorgeous.  There are no wrinkles, no pimples, no teeth, no make up, and….. well, no reason to make two wrongs into a big fat wrong, darling.  Besides, I ripped off my eyebrows and accidentally died my hair orange at sixteen.  A little scalping at sweet seven ain’t no big thang.



I had a great time at the Santa Barbara Century.  What an amazing ride!  9,600 feet of climbing that leaves you lingering along the top of our mountains gazing out at the Pacific and Channel Islands for….well…hours.  The ride has a time trial incorporated into it up the famed Gibraltar Road (I say famed because Lance Romance Doper trained endlessly on it).  I got asked to be on a team I have never met, but since everything is better with a team I quickly said YES.  I did my best up the GIB TT and felt that desperate despair of lack of air concave my chest and burn my thighs.  Sweat dripped off me pooling into my socks washing away the blessed sunscreen… now I have a farmers thigh tan.  You know, a farmer who works in cut off overalls.  Field Studies.

I clicked through the shoot in 41:44 right on my buddy Marco’s tail.  It was good for first place, a bottle of wine for me, and a bottle of wine for each of my soon to meet team mates.  I swallowed a couple aspirin to stop the cardiac arrest and hit the snack shop on top HARD.

The rest of the ride was gravy.  What a fun day.

2014-10-19 SBCentury & Fox Run 016

Last up was the Fox Fall XC Classic.  It is truly the best little race around.  There are trails to meander, things to dodge, ditches to jump and if you run with your kid…plenty of world class bitching.  Oh, no.  Not from my scalped pony in the picture.  She clocked the kids mile with only the slightest protest.  Well done my girl!

The boy and I set out about the full five mile dirt run.  He shot off like a rocket protesting too much that he knew exactly what he was doing.  By a couple miles in he sagged like a donkey and whined for water the way I might whine for…. um, what’s that drink?

In the silent sun drenched shadows of Lake Los Carneros my son confessed his hate for this adventure, the cruel fact that I was better conditioned for the event, and the obvious fact that his class mate who hike Mt. Whitney at the age of 9 had an easier time BECAUSE HE WAS WALKING!

I tried to encourage the bull by inspirations of my 100 mile bike ride only the day before.  His objection was that this too was clearly much easier because I got SNACKS!

Eventually, we did sight a finish line and he charged it with such a ferocity, I could only, be proud.

That I am.  Very.

Happy Weekend to you all.