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If you are wondering the answer to the question Does the waitress spit in my food if I’m a rude jerk in need of a muzzle?  The answer is always YES.

My girlfriend and I sat at a local brewery having a pint and a pizza.  A lovely evening found us outside in hats and light sweaters in communal seating.  Only a few other parties were around us.  Dogs are allowed on the patio and Buffy tangled herself around table legs tethered to my wrist.  Delightful.

Eventually, as will happen in dog approved beer patios, another dog emerged on the scene.  Buffy sounded the alarm or perhaps became the pom pom of a welcoming committee for the blue eyed husky’s arrival.  Just as the cock crows three times, Buffalo Speedway thou hast barketh thrice.

Two gentlemen who had been enjoying their beer suddenly turned their attention on me.

“Shut your dog up.”

The words sprung at me the way a flying squirrel might jump from a tree and land on my face.  In other words, WTF.

“Oh,” I stuttered, “I’m trying to.”

“Well try little harderrrr Honey.

My eyes went black and the words, “You’re an asshole,” leaked out of my mouth.

His buddy snapped back with venomous flare, “Well you started it Sweetheart.”  He followed with a I am holding in a fart face and two air kisses.  KISS KISS.

I wanted to Bruce Leah their Allison asses who float like a fairy, but sting like herpes; however, orange is not going to be my new black.  Sooooo…..

I scooped Buffy up and tucked my face into my hat.  Hot tears welded up in my eyes and I choked down a mouth full of pizza.  I’m a New Yorker!  Why are sassy bitches getting under my skin like the A Train?  Aren’t we all just four chicks on a patio sipping hops?  Five, if you count Buffy.

I looked down into Buffy’s big brown cherry eyes while she batted her snowdrift eyelashes up at me.  What is it Buffy?  What are you saying girl?  Are you saying Kick Their Ass Sea Bass, Nobody Puts Buffy in the Corner?

Good girl.  I abandoned the table and sought out the waitress.  I ordered the lot a round of what they were drinking and hacked two huge spit balls into each frothy head.

“Enjoy your beers.”

“What’s that?”

“Trojan Horse.”

I took my dog and my Greek salad….. to go.

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Spring Lab Clinic Sign Ups!

Starting January 5, 2015 we will run another 8 week session of Mat Pilates ab focus at The Lab from 5:45am-6:30am with a 45 min run post class. Early? Child please! TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday). Core with a Shore run? Coffee to grind the day into action? Does it get better?


Sign ups coming soon through The Lab under CLINICS.

SPRING 1 Clinic Dates:

1/5, 1/12, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/23, 3/2, 3/9

Please email Drea with intent:


Valentine’s Day gets a lot of shit for being a forced timed of romantic gesture, so why exactly does Thanksgiving get away with sporting an attitude of gratitude?  Answers are short on me because I like them both…….well…..I like Thanksgiving much much more, but somehow it feels like saying I like one pet better than another.  I do that too!  Come on, one is a fish!

Here we are.  Another Thanksgiving.  I adore this holiday because it’s a time where you don’t prove your love or repent your sins or itch with the burden of credit card debt, you simply stuff your face after hours of labored cooking from typically one person Mom and then say I’m so thankful for……

You do not come to the Thanksgiving day table and bitch.  It doesn’t matter your story, your year, your situation, you don’t sit down and stuff sweet potatoes in your mouth while spouting off about your crap.  It’s glutenous optimism and extra helpings of blessings.

Already today I heard:

“I’m so thankful only one achilles hurts.”

“I’m so glad I don’t have a dairy allergy.”

“Thank thank you, I can be here.”

“Thank you for you.”

“Stop barking.  Oh I love you.”

“You stink.” (10 minutes later) “I am so grateful for Dove.”

Health.  Health.  Health.  If you have your health, you have a million things to complain about.  If you don’t, you have ONE.  Death is a maybe for the young and certain for the old, we will all go sometime.  It’s one life.

Enjoy yours.

Thank you.