My Personal Records

800 meters: 2:16:65 (2009)

1500 meters: 4:44:41 (2009)

Mile: 4:38 (State Street- 2013); 5:03 (Track 2009)

3K: 9:49 (2013)

5K: 17:07 (2013)

4 Mile: 22:51 (2011)

10K: 36:45 (2013)

15K: 56:14 (2013)

Half Marathon: 1:20:35 (2013)

Marathon: 2:50:32 (2013)

3 thoughts on “My Personal Records

  1. Thanks for the reply :)Just wanted to let you know that I really look up to you even though I don’t know you personally. I run in the Santa Barbara area, so that’s how I found out about you. You ran a superb, grit-it-out race in Carlsbad, so congrats on that (I read the recap). Now that is something I’m really impressed with. I wish you the best of luck with everything!

  2. Hi Drea 🙂 Just out of curiosity, when were these PRs set? And when did you get into running?

    1. Hi Joyce- they have all been set in the last four years. I have always been a runner – but only competitive since after my last child was born. However that wasn’t because I didn’t want to compete earlier- I had many health issues and injuries that kept me out of running.

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