To be Humble

We praise it and we announce it as good.  To be humble.  Be humble.  Be worthy.  What does it mean to be humble?  What does it really mean?

The definition of humble?

1.  Not proud or arrogant, modest.  Great!  That sounds good.  However, why exactly not proud?  Should one not be proud of accomplishments, children, relationships, great hair, big…feet, a good deed.  Why is pride within reason so terrible?  It isn’t.  Self deprecation is NOT humility.  “You’re really talented.”  “Oh no, I’m not, I suck really.  You just haven’t seen talent, but thank you.”  STOP IT!  Try this: “You’re really pretty, I love your hair.”  “Thank you very much.  I work hard on it to make it look this way, thank you for noticing.”  Of course you can exchange the word hair for ass, car, smile, shoes, yard, spouse, deed….. Things that appear great were often earned.  Be thankful that you had the ability to work for them, but be proud that you got the job done.

2.  Having a feeling of insignificance, inferiority, subservience.  For example, in the presence of so many great runners, I feel VERY humble.  Now that isn’t a bad thing right?  Nope.  However, would you want your child to feel insignificant and inferior?  When you give someone a pep talk do you say, “NOW GO OUT THERE AND BE HUMBLE!”  On Sunday, in the locker rooms, do you think there will be chants involving this word?  I don’t think so.

3.  Low in rank, status, origin, lowly.  For example, please come to my humble home.    Realtors should latch heavy onto this word humble like they do CHARMING (old), QUAINT (old), UNIQUE (old), READY FOR YOUR FINISHING TOUCHES (tear down piece of shit), RARE OPPORTUNITY WITH VISION (shit hole!).  Now tell someone to be humble.

4.  Courtesy, respectful.  Awesome!  This sounds like our winning example of humble.  However, how do you use it?  “In my HUMBLE opinion, you are wrong.”  Meaning quite the opposite really.  Excuse me sir, but you’re fucking wrong.  You’re just incorrect.  In my humble opinion, you’re very very far from right.  Does this really sound humble?  Nope.  Perfect.

5.  Low in height and level, small in size.  Uh-um.  Examples?  Really?  I’ll let Shakira sing it, “Lucky that my breasts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains.”

6.  Lower in condition, importance, dignity, abase.  The next time someone calls you HUMBLE, you might want to tell them to fuck off.

7.  To destroy power, independence or will of.  Now it’s a verb.  Example, Your ass just got humbled!  In other words, your clock was cleaned, your ass was kicked, your shit was knocked, your bitch was slapped, your mother was called by you crying and wanting a hug.

8.  To make meek.  This is my favorite version of humble.  To humble your heart.  To use all your power and empathy to listen to the sufferings of others, to be present.  To engage.  To witness.  To cheer.  To compliment.  To share.  To laugh and to cry.  To share the experience of life through pain and pleasure.  To understand the faults and short comings of others without forgetting your own.  To not judge.

I don’t think anyone should really be humble, but we should all be Meek Geeks.

Peace Out!

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SBRS SPRING Session: Sign Ups Open!

SBRSSanta Barbara Running Strong is a 70 MINUTE mat Pilates class designed to develop and strengthen the core and stabilizing muscles that a runner requires in order to support an efficient stride all the while helping to prevent injuries. SBRS is held weekly on Friday mornings from 6am-7:10am at the downtown Santa Barbara Running Company on Anacapa Street. Participants will need to bring their own mat to class.



To reserve your spot contact:


February 20th through May 1st with NO CLASS on April 17th

Meditation Challenge?

I am not a meditator, but there are plenty of reasons that I should be.  Once during a mind swirling episode where thoughts fly faster than jumbled worried words, a friend told me to calm down and try meditating.  I calmed right down and started eye rolling.  Immediately I pictured that serene portrait of a woman with flowing hair perched patiently inhaling and exhaling with her chin tilted up toward the heavens.  BaHaHaHa!  I have got STUFF to DO!  Who, first of all really has hair that great and secondly has the TIME to just sit there inhaling and exhaling?

However, there seems to be lots of time to do other healthy stuff and research totes that meditation might just be the push up for the brain.  Athletes benefit immensely from meditational processes as it reduces and reuses STRESS.  Let bad stress out.  Use good stress to excel.  Sharpen your mind along with your body because it is all connected.  Also meditation can change the brain mapping to actually help anxiety, depression, insomnia and perhaps even certain illnesses.

ALRIGHT!  Let’s do this thing!

What do I do?

Exactly.  I don’t know.  I picked up Jon Rasmussen: Practical Meditations for the Modern Lifestyle to get me started.  For the month of February, I will try to meditate a little bit everyday and I invite you to join me on this mental adventure.

Peace be with You

Serenity Now.....