Ramble On Foot Fall Strikes and Recovery

It’s easy to go quiet.  OK, that’s a lie.  Life hasn’t been easy because change and challenges go really well with not crying in the corner.  This is not a confession.  However, life is unique.  Failing cannot happen without action.  Some actions are destructive based in shallow minded righteousness, some are heroic beyond extreme risks, others hide in pure self centered comfort- a shadow, and most (hopefully) exist in that serene light of love and kindness wishing for a shared existence of earth and humanity.  I gamble that we are all at fault for all of these actions or reactions at some point.  Revenge might be served best cold, but love rules.  Right?

Right!  It does if it is given air to breathe and a space to grow.  Love will flourish under the light of forgiveness.  Sounds easy?  No way!  Forgiveness is such a difficult truism.  AND then to forget!  Set.  It.  Free.  As humans, we do much better at carrying loads than dropping them off in cavernous voids of forget.  Do we actually want to live without judgement?

Now that’s a loaded question.  By whom?  Only we control who we deem as important and no one can please everyone.  But if we pick to please everyone, we do elect to either live in false shadows or fail to feel real love’s light.  Some one, some where, will not like you.

I told my daughter no one could possibly not like her.  Her banter responded with three entities that do not fit the puzzle pieces of my mind, but ring true.  1. Someone who never knew me; 2. Someone who assumed I wasn’t who I am; 3. Someone mean.

Now the first two are epic physiological brilliant bits of pocket truths.  She is eight years old and therefor we can’t fault her for number 3.  Even if it is true.  She sheds no hint of self deprivation or personal doubt.  Glorious!  Can you remember the last time you did that?  And MEANT IT?

Now, because we always do….let’s bring it back to athletics and running.  OK, those have been at the bottom of my list lately, but thankfully they never completely disappear.  I was grateful to be able to have the chance to compete in this weekend’s Ramble On Romero here in Santa Barbara.  There were two options: a six mile loop verses a 12 mile.  I decided to go long because short bombed downhill terrain gag my aging knees.

This well designed, organized event went off with a first year bang.  I enjoyed the back country racing so very much.  Racing forced me to put my music on the shelf and enrich my aching lungs with nature.  The senses overloaded.  Vibe be Good.  If you weren’t here this past Saturday, you might want to consider the next round.  Personally, I think this event is here to stick and Ramble On.

And like any good Rambler…..gratitude floods you over when you are able to enjoy aches and burns of physical fun in the best way…….with a view……a crew….and eventually a brew.

Hats off to Rabbit, Santa Barbara Running Company, and Alta for this event.  And remember if you run your life right, it’s hopefully always eventually down hill from here.


photo credit Ashley Mayfield
photo credit Ashley Mayfield

SBRS Spring 2016! New Year is Almost Here!

2012-07-24 Wharf to Wharf 020Santa Barbara Running Strong is a 70 MINUTE mat Pilates class designed to develop and strengthen the core and stabilizing muscles that a runner requires in order to support an efficient stride all the while helping to prevent injuries. SBRS is held weekly on Friday mornings from 6am-7:10am at the downtown Santa Barbara Running Company on Anacapa Street. Participants will need to bring their own mat to class.


To reserve your spot contact: drea@twomotivate.com

Spring 1 Session:

January 8th-March 25th

Santa Barbara Vintners 5 miler

FUN!!!!!!  Come experience something completely different!  This festive race involves 5 miles of solid dirt, rolling hills, vineyards, alfafa fields and sunshine!  The Santa Barbara Vintners 5 miler had it all.

Set up at Sanford Winery, this well organized event featured a completely cross country easy to follow loop through the vineyards, semi-coastal terrain, aged barnyards, and delicious California winemaker views….aka Field of Dreams.  The after party featured a bouncy house for kids, live band, wine tasting from many local vineyards and a full gourmet meal from The HitchingPost.  Heaven?

Yes.  I mean, “tastes pretty good to me.”  Especially considering the very generous prizes and did I mention the wine????

If you didn’t run this race this year, you definitely need to put it on your bucket list for the years to come.  It simply doesn’t get much better.  Well done!

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Thanks very much to Oiselle and Santa Barbara Running Company for always, well, keeping me in a good company!  Shop Local!  Run Local!