This Week….

Happy Sunday!

News for this week: Tomorrow starts the first session of The Lab Summer Abs.  Class starts at 5:45am, but we may switch to a blissful 6am following on the next seven classes.  Stay tuned for that.  For now- see you at 5:45am and also at 9am!

There will be NO SBRS class this Friday at SBRUNCO!  Don’t come at 6am, no one but you will be there….so don’t do it.  Sleep in.  Happy Happy Joy Joy….

Because you will NEED IT because everyone will be raging like a wild animal at POOCH PAINT OPENING NIGHT!

Don’t be the only hound stuck in the pound, come celebrate paws with a cause for C.A.R.E.4paws at Salon U 1719 State Street – this THURSDAY JUNE 4th 6pm-9:30pm!  Wine, cheese, cake pops (shaped like cats & dogs), good cause, good fun, too many colors and….no class Friday am so absolutely NO EXCUSE.  It’s FREE!  It’s FURRY!  It’s FABULOUS!

2015-05-06 IMG_5015 002

Summer is Coming

All classes are back in session this week starting tomorrow at 5:45am at THE LAB.  Losing your motivation?  Come find it!  We all go through ups and downs.  Some roller coasters are more wild than others, but never underestimate the experience of others and try hard not to compare your own.

What the heck does that mean?  It means we all have it hard and unfair and we all have it good and great.  Just never settle for exactly what you got if you don’t like it.  Change.  Be open to it.

See you in the early am for abs and a casual run.  It’s a wonderful way to start the week.


Attention regularly scheduled bad ass clients…. I will officially be out of the office Monday May 4th through Thursday May 7th.  This mostly affects those in the Monday morning 5:45am LAB Mat Pilates class & Run!  Please do not set your alarm!  Please sleep in, have coffee and jelly rolls, and only dream of perfect abs.

We will have a Make Up class Monday May 25th at 5:45am.  This class will NOT be on the next scheduled clinic…. but will be open to sign ups and good for those in THIS current session to just come.