2014 ElliptiGO World Championships

What is an ElliptiGO?

It’s a bike that you can run on so if you’re a runner you can RUN without impact!

No more limits?!

Well, I wouldn’t say that!  Why don’t you come ride up Mount Palomar for the ElliptiGO World Championship title and then talk to me about limits?

An invitation to compete in the elite women’s field at this year’s event was very exciting to me.  I have not gotten to compete since 2013 California International Marathon and this was a perfect opportunity to train for something challenging and line up against very impressive athletes.

And that’s what I did.  I trained.  I made my little game plan which consisted of either 1). Try and hold on to the leader OR 2). Never look back.  As it turned out, I ended up experiencing both.  Brook’s elite runner Deb Maier took the lead out and just never let up.  We powered side by side for ten miles of climbing and up over 5,000 feet of elevation before my breathing went into spastic fits and she dropped the hammer.

It was such a beautiful hammer throw that I had to use my last breathe to cheer her on, but I also hoped maybe…just maybe…she would you know, suffer and come back to me.  Nope.  Negative.

My second place time of 1:29:19 did break the previous world record set last year by Sara Slattery and I was tired enough to know I could not have gone faster on this given Saturday.

This was a great event and I was very proud to get to participate!

2014-09-30 Oiselle Race and EGO 028

She.Is.Beautiful: OISELLE BYRDS!

For the love of running, girlfriends, competition, pink and matching outfits, Santa Barbara’s Oiselle Byrds lined up at the third annual She.Is.Beautiful 5k and 10K.  I love this race.  It’s a big pepto party in all the best ways even if you do puke like the winner of the 5K which of course makes her a HERO!  Superstars even come like Stephanie Bruceelite marathoner former UCSB Gaucho and new mom of a 3 month old son!  Did she jog?  Oh yeah she did.  She jogged a 16:58 5K.  Just proving you wrong in case you thought pink meant slow.

2014-09-21 Drea's Phone Summer 2014 204I am so proud to be a member of our SB Oiselle team.  I was even more thrilled to be able to run today.  No, it wasn’t pain free as I will continue to deal with my back so I’m not “back,” but with use of my bike and Elliptigo my fitness carried me to a 39:45 third place.  It’s my happiest personal worst EVA!  HEY!  I got $100!

Not exactly a Pink Slip!

My knee continues to be pain free post my cryotherapy block (now two and a half weeks!).

2014-09-21 Drea's Phone Summer 2014 205

SB Oiselle Byrds did fantastic work.  We took almost every age group win from the twenties on up to the em, twenties.  High high twenties.  Cindy placed third in the open 5K right behind the celebs!  Monica and Deanna were fresh off of Ultra wins, Kate snagged the bouquet, Mari and Teri did close to their bests, Desa sported a bow tie like a Wolf of Wallstreet, and Chrystee can’t help but do just about all of the above minus the bow tie.

Happy Byrds!

5:30 Monday’s at The Lab

You asked for it and it’s coming.  Starting October 13th we will run the first 8 week session of Mat Pilates ab focus at The Lab from 5:30am-6:15am with a 45 min run post class.  Early?  Child please!  TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday).  Core with a Shore run?  Coffee to steep the day into action?  Does it get better?


Sign ups coming soon through The Lab.  However, please email me with intent as we already have a strong interest and space may be limited.

Peace and Health,