Fall Session SBRS Sign ups Open

Santa Barbara Running Strong is a 70 MINUTE mat Pilates class designed to develop and strengthen the core and stabilizing muscles that a runner requires in order to support an efficient stride all the while helping to prevent injuries. SBRS is held weekly on Friday mornings from 6am-7:10am at the downtown Santa Barbara Running Company on Anacapa Street. Participants will need to bring their own mat to class.


Fall session with run August 22nd through October 31st with NO CLASS on October 10th.  The cost is $150.

To reserve your spot contact: drea@twomotivate.com

Things That Were…

Kick your shoes off.  Do not fear.  Bring that bottle over here.  I’ll be your friend tonight.  What story do you have?  We all have one.  Or several.  And isn’t it quiet here by the firelight to just rattle on?  If you can’t share, have you lived?

Oh yes.

The very best living is what no one wants to hear.  It is also the cruelest because they all want to know.  Look out now, because the Saints are coming through.  They’ll tell you how to do it.  Live it.  Feel it.  I’m pretty sure the sky is falling.

The legs are there.  The muscles look almost the same.  The sneakers line up.  You can scoff running, but if it’s your passion there isn’t any getting away.  Some of us were made to move.  All of us were made to move.  Some of us were made to hammer.  I don’t care if “hammer” is a 7:00 mile or a 3:43 mile.  If you love the hammer, you LOVE the hammer.

And the legs look almost the same.  The problem as always, isn’t the legs, it’s the mind.  Memories are free to those that live enough to cherish the details.  Personally, it’s a good thing.  Remember it all.  Because then the eyes can close and repeat.  Repeat.  And hopefully enjoy.

We should remember.  Many things.  Independence day is tomorrow.  Rah Rah.  Remember the ideals that built this country?  Freedom.  The ability to pursue happiness.  Not entitlement.  Not judgement.  The right to bare arms.  Go ahead, wear a tank top or Hell, go shirtless!

Happiness.  Unfortunately, no one is entitled to happiness.  You actually have to work hard at that.  And if this isn’t the land of the Free, then where you gonna go?