Mat Pilates at The Lab- Legs

Mat Pilates at The Lab held on Wednesday mornings from 9am-10am focuses on a full body core, strength, and stability workout with special attention to the legs.  Mat Pilates on Friday mornings also from 9am-10am is a structured combo class blending challenging legs with abdominal strength.  Please bring your own mat or feel free to borrow one provided by The Lab.  Drop in or sign up online  See you there!

 DREA BRIDGE 3 BW (1 of 1)

2 thoughts on “Mat Pilates at The Lab- Legs

  1. Hi Drea, do you have room for 2 older inflexible people to your core class on Fridays? if so we would appreciate that. and we will pay up front if you inform me of the cost. thanks.

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